NEW: The Beginner Orchestra Subscription!

Step 1: watch this quick video where Chris will take you through what's included in your subscription:

Step 2: Want to try out MatchMySound to see how it works?

Play around with this sample track to experience it for yourself

Get all this (plus more) in your Beginner Orchestra Subscription

  • 20 of our most popular Beginner Orchestra pieces
  • All scores & parts as immediate digital downloads
  • Backing tracks and guide tracks for each section
  • Backing tracks and guide tracks for every instrument
  • All parts as JPEGs for easy sharing to student devices
  • FREE requests of any extra parts to suit YOUR ensemble
  • Regular updates to the catalogue to keep things fresh
  • Personalised support from our team whenever you need it
  • Unlimited student 'seats' in the platform
  • PLUS, exclusive access to the MatchMySound assessment and student success tool!

Step 3: Purchase your Beginner Orchestra Subscription

And we have two convenient payment options perfect for schools:

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Want to try some more?

Remember to choose your part from the dropdown box at the top left before you get started!

Exercise 1 - Up and Down (All Strings)

A Walk In The Park - Clarinet

Jingle Bells - Trumpet


Which Beginner Orchestra pieces are included in the subscription?

You will have full access to all of these pieces:

  • A Day At The Carnival
  • A Walk In The Park
  • Anthem For A New World
  • Beach Air
  • Big Time Blues
  • Bubble Waltz
  • Christmas Bell Rondo
  • Dangerous Dive
  • Exercise/Warm-Up 4-Pack
  • Galloping Goose
  • Ghost Of Tom
  • Impassion
  • Jingle Bells
  • Marching Away
  • Pirate's Voyage
  • Procession Of The King
  • Rising Up
  • Rock Your Socks Off
  • The Big Adventure!
  • To The Dungeon

You can check out all of these pieces (example scores, audio excerpt, YouTube clips) on our shop page here.

How do I access the subscription platform?

If you pay by credit card you will receive a username and password to immediately login.

If you pay via invoice, you will receive your username and password once payment has cleared.

You will access the subscription platform via You can then download pieces, request extra parts and access MatchMySound directly within the dashboard.

Can I try out the MatchMySound technology?

Sure can! You can try MatchMySound here. Grab an instrument and a set of headphones and go for it! It's an incredible tool 🤩

How does the subscription work?

Once you have purchased a subscription you will get access to everything! 2 months before your subscription is due to expire you will be asked to renew your subscription for another year.

Each year we will add 6-10 new pieces to the catalogue for you! So, you can expect plenty of fresh content each year!

Plus, maintaining your subscription means you won't lose your student's work. You can build a portfolio as you students progress year on year!

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