Full Orchestra Pieces

All pieces include differentiated parts for strings, brass, woodwind & percussion, piano, ukulele, guitar and bass.


A Day At The Carnival takes beginner musicians on a journey through rondo form (ABACA) centred around a beautiful melody played by the advanced violins. There is a chance for all musicians to take some melodic passages too. In the key of G major, mainly using quarter notes and eighth notes. This piece is light and fresh and will ‘wow’ audiences if played with sensitivity.

Access the YouTube play-along tracks for this piece here.


Rising Up is a triumphant rock piece that will leave your orchestra wanting to play it over and over again! With a solid four-on-the-floor drum beat and some soaring melodic phrases, Rising Up is the perfect ‘welcome to spring’ kind of piece. As always, lots of differentiated parts to get everyone playing together, plus some sneaky little dynamics changes to keep the audience on their toes. Add this one to your repertoire ASAP!

Access the YouTube play-along tracks for this piece here.


Marching Away is the perfect piece to get your beginners working nicely together from the get-go. An exciting feature is the unison rhythms across the ensemble throughout the piece. This is a fun, lively and short tune that is perfect for filling out a Term 2 or 3 concert. As always, our wide range of individual and sectional mp3 play-alongs and YouTube videos can guide your players as they develop their sense of unity as a group. Get started with this one now!

Access the YouTube play-along tracks for this piece here.


This wonderful piece uses a modern structure as it builds through various musical phrases. What was once the name of an old ‘railcar’ (similar to a train), the Galloping Goose now refers to a beautiful hiking trail network in Victoria, Canada. With a steady and accessible tune, this piece engages audiences with its reflective and expansive feel.

Access the YouTube play-along tracks for this piece here.


Bubble Waltz is our first level 1 piece in 3/4 time. This piece will suit all players, with an expansive melody that appears across all instrument groups. Ukulele, guitar and a bunch of other instruments are included, with a wide range of fun percussion parts too! Get your beginners locked into their 3/4 feel with this perfect piece.

Access the YouTube play-along tracks for this piece here.


Come along on The Big Adventure! A simple yet lively fun tune in C major. Written for the very beginner level orchestra. This bombastic and exciting tune will make everyone feel like an integral part of the ensemble - with every instrument playing a simple yet important part of the big adventure. The antiphonal melodies between the strings and the brass/wind is accompanied by an energetic and driving rhythm. Everyone, from teacher to parent to student, will be humming the song before and after the rehearsals, ready to go on their next Big Adventure!

Access the YouTube play-along tracks for this piece here.


A Walk In The Park features a lively and captivating tune in G major. The main melody is duplicated across various instrument groups and the supportive parts provide a bouncy foundation to the piece. Featuring 33 parts, including the new additions of ukulele, guitar and French horn, with multiple differentiated string, percussion and woodwind parts, this piece is sure to be a crowd-pleaser! 

Access the YouTube play-along tracks for this piece here.


This is a simple and upbeat number that portrays the entrance of a regal King. The piece uses mainly quarter notes and eighth notes and provides beginner musicians with a chance to play expressively and with a sense of command. A wonderful arrangement with parts for varying levels. Excellent for general concert performances to showcase developing musicians.

Access the YouTube play-along tracks for this piece here.


Pirate's Voyage is a sinister sounding piece in E minor. It features the low end of the orchestra and has some serious dynamic contrast throughout! This is a fun one for your percussionists too. One of our most popular pieces with our orchestras during 2022! Give it a crack.

Access the YouTube play-along tracks for this piece here.


A winter classic arranged with wonderful tempo changes and dynamic shifts to excite your beginner orchestra. With a four bar solo to showcase the percussion section and some lovely scalic melodic passages in the chorus, this is the ideal addition to your festive season concert.

Access the YouTube play-along tracks for this piece here.


Bring on some festive cheer with Christmas Bell Rondo! An original score in C major, this seven-part rondo is for full orchestra with a variety of percussion instruments. Depending on levels, this adaptable piece can be played in binary AB, ternary ABA, or rondo ABACA / ABACADA forms, along with a catchy introduction and codetta to add some seasonal sparkle! The refrain comprises a melody with a bell peal descant on glockenspiels, piano and advanced violins. Three contrasting episodes showcase different sections of your orchestra, highlighting a forte / piano dynamic colouring and an expressive A minor melody played by flute and clarinet. Bring out the famous bell chimes in the final section and enjoy the punchy finish!

Access the YouTube play-along tracks for this piece here.


Get your orchestra rocking with this BIG piece! A straight ahead I-V-vi-IV with all the bells and whistles. A driving rhythm, soaring melody and some nice break-down sections. Includes electric guitar, bass guitar, drums and ukulele parts so that you can link up with your young rock players. Get in touch if you're looking for more parts to add to this one.

Access the YouTube play-along tracks for this piece here.


This pack is perfect for getting your orchestra warmed up and ready to go at the start of each rehearsal. The pack contains four simple pieces:

  1. Up & Down - a simple scalic exercise in the key of concert G.
  2. Short & Sweet - a boppy piece that focuses on developing rhythmic cohesion and sensitivity.
  3. Dramatic Dynamics - get your orchestra playing with accurate dynamic contrast.
  4. Rock Cross Buns - a familiar tune in a rock arrangement to get everyone switched on and focused.

Access the YouTube play-along tracks for these warm-ups/exercises here.


To The Dungeon is a composition with repetitive rhythms and melodies that takes both performer and audience on parade towards a scary dungeon. Changes in dynamics and the driving rhythm at section C help to build the drama and suspense. The piece also helps students to develop their counting skills with the addition of some more complex rhythmic ideas. To The Dungeon is an  exciting piece that is a welcome addition to any concert!

Access the YouTube play-along tracks for this piece here.


Trampolina is written in the style and structure of a sonata form, like a 1st movement of a Classical era sonatina. It is in C major, modulating to the dominant for the 2nd subject. Although this could be considered as absolute music, the themes are inspired by a trampoline. Elements such as the rising fifth interval evoke the feeling of soaring jumps and the sequenced motif in the bridge section bounds up and down through the air. The staccato quaver motif ending most phrases are like little hops or bounces, controlling motion after the high jumps. This thematic piece will take your orchestra and audience on a playful childhood adventure, full of energy and emotion.

Access the YouTube play-along tracks for this piece here.


A schoolyard favourite, Ghost Of Tom, is a spooky melody in E minor that has been arranged in a round-like structure. Most instruments will get a chance to play the melody and will need to maintain concentration as they play their part in time. The piece has some brilliant dynamic contrast and requires string players to play both pizzicato and arco. This is sure to be a crowd-pleaser!

Access the YouTube play-along tracks for this piece here.


A simple and dramatic piece in the Key of E minor that provides a nice way to test students' understanding of relative minor keys. The piece uses mainly quarter note and eighth note rhythms, with a hint of syncopation. There is also some nice dynamic contrast within the piece, helping younger players to understand the sensitivity needed in their playing as they develop their instrumental skills.

Access the YouTube play-along tracks for this piece here.


Centred around a standard 12 bar blues chord progression, Big Time Blues is a rousing piece that shows off every section of the orchestra. A punchy opening melody played by the brass is then joined by the strings and woodwinds as the piece develops. A fun call-and-response middle section gives the percussionists their time in the spotlight, before the full ensemble joins in for a big finish!

Access the YouTube play-along tracks for this piece here.


"Impassion" is an emotional adagio in a minor that uses dramatic dynamic range contrast and rich harmonies. The opening is a chorale section using a syncopated rhythmic motif in all parts, so everyone can practice the rhythm concept. The focal middle section layers motifs from a variety of parts, building up the driving intensity towards a strong majestic ending. There is a D. C. al Coda to teach musical road mapping skills, bringing the impassioned piece to a close with a bright Picardy 3rd. This emotionally complex ride will really engage your orchestra with fantastic pull through the dense harmonies and sustained full sound quality.

Access the YouTube play-along tracks for this piece here.


This is a thematic and uplifting score that has some broad melodic phrases and opportunities for multiple instruments to shine. With a contemporary feel that is based on a rock beat on the drums and a popular chord progression that will engage beginner musicians, this is sure to become a favourite. This piece also delves into some dotted rhythms and explores a range of dynamics. Perfect for an end of year concert to show-off the progress of your orchestra to the community.

Access the YouTube play-along tracks for this piece here.


Are you ready for this one! Beach Air pays homage to the ‘air’ composition style and is a beautiful piece to expose young players to this classical style made famous by J. S. Bach (Add one letter to Bach and you get Beach, right!?). There is an ‘Easter Egg’ on bar 7 where the high part (Violin 1 and Flute 1) spell the word Beach in German musical lettering (B-flat is called B, B-natural is H). Bach could spell his name in music notes, so we did it with Beach too! A more challenging piece that also works nicely for a string ensemble.

Access the YouTube play-along tracks for this piece here.

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