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The Orchestra Planner for teachers is here.
Buy it once and use it forever!

85+ pages of templates, planning pages, tables and record sheets to organise your entire school orchestra year.

  • Instant digital download, print the pages you like, whenever you like.
  • Beautifully themed planner with lots of options for customizability
  • Easily adaptable for full or string orchestra.
  • Designed for easy printing with room for spiral bound, hole punch and ring binder on the left margin.
  • Perfect for busy school orchestra directors.

What do you get in the orchestra planner?

Use the orchestra planner to effectively keep track of your sessions each week. 

The idea is to use the weekly planning pages to track your sessions. Whether you rehearse once a week or multiple times in a week, there is ample space to jot down your notes.

Each week also has a space for you to make quick notes for what you might need to focus on in the following week. Easy record-keeping and planning for the busy orchestra director!

Let us show you what you can create:

Loads of options to customize and create your own look!

"Love this planner. It has saved me so much time and helped me with my organisation (one of my ongoing PD targets over the last I don't know how many years!). This would be a great gift for any fellow orchestra teachers! Highly recommended" 


Simply take our customizable cover options, add your school logo, add any specific school branding colours, plus your name, and you're good to go!

In fact, get in touch with us if you'd like some help creating your custom cover. Drop us an email at: and we'll happily mock-up your cover for free 🙂

Get the Orchestra Planner now!

Have questions? Read the FAQs.

Can I print the planner at school?

Professional printing recommended: The planner comes in a series of high quality PDF files which can be printed on standard school printers, however for the best visual results and quality we would recommend printing at your local office supply or printer store eg. Officeworks or Staples. You can also get it spiral bound at most professional printers, once you've organised the order of your pages, or present in a display folder or arch-lever folder.

Everyday printing at school: School printers are getting better and better these days, so you might get away with it! Maybe do some test prints first to see if you are happy with the quality?


Do I need to print every page?

Not at all! The idea of creating a downloadable, print-on-demand planner is that you can pick and choose the templates that work for you. There are 6 cover options for example, so choose your favourite and just print that. Or choose two and give your planner a fresh look halfway through the year. The choice is truly yours... Don't do field trips? Don't print it. Do lots of pieces? Print extras. Got multiple teachers? Use a different template for each teacher. For everything else, use the blank templates and truly customise our layout.
Oh, the possibilities! 

We want the Orchestra Planner to be a resource you can adapt to your orchestra teaching journey. Make it work for you!

Do you deliver physical planners?

No, these planners are not printed, they are a digital download which you will get access to after purchase to download as PDFs and print. This is clear on our site, and refunds will not be given for accidental purchase.

A print-your-own planner allows you to add/remove pages as and when you need them and also lets you to customise to your liking in terms of both covers and pages.


Can I print it all in black + white?

Yes, but it won't look as fun! Try and print in colour if you can 🙂


When will I receive the digital files?

Straight after purchasing, you'll be directed to the links to download the planner. You can also access these links any time from the purchase receipt, sent to the email provided on checkout. 

Why is this planner sold in USD?

This product is sold in USD as a vast majority of our Northern Hemisphere customers reside in North America.

I can't see the pages in detail on your website.

We've created large images for you to preview in detail, so to zoom in closer, press keyboard shortcut.

PC computers: Ctrl + 
Mac computers: Command +

Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, due to the nature of digital online products we do not have a refund allowance on our digital products because you are purchasing access to a link that delivers the product to you. We can't return a digital product when you've already got access to it so therefore we can't do refunds. If you believe you have extenuating circumstances, you can contact us.

I want a customised cover page, do you offer that?

Sure! Get in touch with us at to chat about what you're looking for. Alternatively, the product comes with two covers that are fully customizable.


I have another question about the planner.

If it's not answered in the FAQs above, let us know! Email

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