Hear what some of our lovely customers have to say about Beginner Orchestra!

Jodie Freeman - Orchestra Director at Nelson Centre of Musical Arts, NZ

Paul Ainsworth - Director of Music at St Faith's Prep School, UK

"Absolutely MASSIVE thankyou to you for providing such an amazing service. We are really looking forward to playing both A Day at the Carnival and A Walk in the Park this year in our Beginner orchestras. I am excited to be able to feature living composers, "local" Australian composers, and those who have a heart for making quality music accessible for beginners."

Jennylynne Andrews

Northern Lights Music, WA, Australia

"I am loving your Beginner Orchestra resources - thank you! I'm sure I'll be buying a few more pieces in my next school which doesn't have an orchestra yet and would like me to build one up. Please keep it all coming!"

Cristyn Draper
North London Collegiate School, Jeju, South Korea

North London Collegiate School, Singapore - Junior Orchestra

Harrow International School, Bangkok - Primary Orchestra

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