Christmas Bell Rondo


Author : Beginner Orchestra

by Catherine Colette

Bring on some festive cheer with Christmas Bell Rondo! In C major, this seven-part rondo is for full orchestra with a variety of percussion instruments. Depending on levels, this adaptable piece can be played in binary AB, ternary ABA, or rondo ABACA / ABACADA forms, along with a catchy introduction and codetta to add some seasonal sparkle! The refrain comprises a melody with a bell peal descant on glockenspiels, piano and advanced violins. Three contrasting episodes showcase different sections of your orchestra, highlighting a forte / piano dynamic colouring and an expressive A minor melody played by flute and clarinet. Bring out the famous bell chimes in the final section and enjoy the punchy finish!

Check out the Christmas Bell Rondo Score Excerpt.


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