Build And Drop


Author : Beginner Orchestra

Composed by Chris Koelma

We have been working on this one for a while and had 10 schools test this piece for us. Give your students an exciting new experience with this EDM (Electronic Dance Music) style piece. The idea is to use the backing track during your performance to help carry your students. The combination of orchestral and electronic music elements are often super familiar to our students and they will love this one. Here’s what some of our testing team have said about the piece:
“The students really enjoyed the piece. Even though it’s been weeks since we’ve moved in from playing/performing it, many of them still play part of it in their warm-up time” – Jeremy, China
“The boss likes the Build and Drop one…as do the children…massive sense of achievement when we keep it together to the end!!!” – Paulette, Wales.

Check out the Build And Drop SCORE EXCERPT here.


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